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Treatment & Whitening

It's Time to Smile with White Teeth!
"Teeth Whitening" is an aesthetic dental treatment method and refers to a series of procedures applied to lighten the color of teeth, remove stains or increase dental aesthetics.
Teeth whitening procedures depend on dental health status, sensitivity and other factors, and a professional evaluation is an important step in this process.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth may have an undesirable appearance as a result of their general color changing by turning yellow or darkening due to various reasons in daily life.

Applications performed to give teeth a more aesthetically beautiful and healthy appearance and to bring the tooth color closer to the white tone are considered to be included in the teeth whitening process.

Teeth have a tendency to lose their natural color structure in two ways.

External discoloration: Factors such as coffee, tea, cigarettes and food dyes can cause yellowing and darkening in tooth color over time due to chemicals that affect the tooth surface from outside. Therefore, techniques targeting the tooth surface are much more useful in teeth with external discoloration.

Internal discoloration: These are color changes that develop due to health problems that cause loss of function or damage to the tissues inside the tooth. It generally occurs due to factors such as drug use during childhood, which covers the development and growth period of the tooth, febrile illness, traumas experienced by the tooth, caries, infections or aging. In such color changes, professionally applied techniques are more useful.

What are the Teeth Whitening Methods?

Teeth whitening procedures are professional methods performed in the office by professional dentists.

Office Bleaching:

It is a teeth whitening method performed in the dentist's office. Highly concentrated whitening agents are used. Fast and effective results can be obtained in an environment controlled by the dentist. If necessary, the whitening process can be accelerated using light or laser.

Laser or Light Assisted Whitening:

It is a whitening method applied in the dentist's office. The effect of the whitening agent is accelerated by using a laser or a special light. It can help get faster results.

Advanced Whitening Techniques:

Some dentists perform customized treatments to achieve more advanced whitening results using special techniques and advanced whitening agents. These techniques generally vary depending on the dentist's experience and the technological facilities of his clinic.

Dental Veneers and Laminates:

Dentists can provide aesthetic correction by using veneers or laminates, which are thin porcelain coatings on the front surface of the teeth. This method can be used to correct color, shape and size problems.

Dental Restorations:

Dentists can use restorative methods such as fillings and crowns to restore teeth that are damaged by decay, stains, or other damage.

Doctors determine the most appropriate teeth whitening method according to the patients' individual needs and dental health conditions. Therefore, if any teeth whitening procedure is being considered, it is important to consult a dentist and receive a professional evaluation.

Treatment & Whitening

When it comes to oral and dental health, it is very important that the preferred dental clinic analyzes your needs and wishes in the most accurate way.
As Dentaly Clinic, we offer many dental designs and treatment options, including teeth whitening, with our expert staff.
Add Sparkle to Life with Whitened Teeth!

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