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Prosthetic Dental Treatments

For Beautiful Smiles: Prosthodontics Expertise!
Prosthodontics is a branch of dental treatment applied to correct tooth loss, tooth damage or aesthetic problems. Treatments in this area generally aim to replace missing teeth, restore dental function and improve aesthetic appearance.

What is Prosthodontic Treatment?

Prosthetic dental treatments cover a field of treatment related to various prostheses used to replace missing teeth or restore dental function. Prosthetic dental treatments generally fall into two basic categories: fixed dentures and removable dentures.

What are the Types of Prosthodontic Treatment?

1. Fixed Dentures:

It is used to restore damaged, decayed or weakened teeth.
It increases its durability by completely covering the upper part of the tooth.

It is used to cover one or more missing teeth.
It is supported by the healthy teeth next to it.
A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth.

Implant Supported Prostheses:
They are prostheses placed on dental implants.
It provides a more reliable hold and is a more stable solution than removable dentures.
Implant-supported options are available for both complete dentures and partial dentures.

2. Removable Dentures:

Total Prosthesis (Cast Prosthesis):
It is used to replace a completely toothless jaw.
It can be applied to the upper jaw, lower jaw or both.
It is designed to fit the gums and can be removed.

Partial Denture:
It is used to complete the jaw with a few missing teeth.
It is supported on healthy teeth and can be removed.

Night Splint (Bite Splint):
It can be a solution to teeth clenching or grinding problems.
It is used to protect teeth and provide support to the jaw joint.

Orthodontic Prosthesis:
It is used to support or stabilize the movement of teeth during orthodontic treatment.
It is usually used with brackets.

Why Should You Get Prosthodontic Treatment?

Functional Recovery: Prostheses that replace missing teeth positively affect eating habits and speaking skills by improving chewing function.

Aesthetic Improvement: Prosthetic dental treatment can help achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile and appearance, which can increase a person's self-confidence.

Preservation of Jaw Structure: Dentures support the jaw bones by replacing missing teeth and thus prevent the jaw structure from being lost over time.

Maintaining Oral Health: By replacing missing teeth, dentures can protect the health of other teeth and soft tissues in the mouth.

Psychological Relief: Dentures that replace missing teeth can contribute to the patient feeling more comfortable in social relationships and psychological recovery.

How Long Does Prosthodontic Treatment Take?

The duration of prosthetic dental treatment varies depending on the type of treatment, the patient's oral health, and the complexity of the treatment plan. In many cases, treatment can last from several weeks to several months.

What Should Be Considered During Treatment?

During treatment, regular oral hygiene, compliance with doctor's instructions, regular check-ups, proper eating habits, and immediate reporting of possible pain or discomfort are important.

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