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(Child Dentistry)

Pedodontics, also known as pediatric dentistry, is a branch of dentistry that studies the dental health and oral care of children. Pedodontists are dentists who are responsible for protecting, improving and treating children's oral and dental health. Specialists working in this field are often called pedodontists.

What are Pedodontic Treatments?

Pedodontic treatments include various methods to maintain children's dental health and prevent possible problems. Here are some examples of pedodontic treatments:

Regular Inspections and Cleaning:
Regular dental examinations of children allow the dentist to evaluate the condition of their teeth and gums and check their oral hygiene.
Teeth cleaning can be done professionally by a dentist, or the child is taught proper brushing and flossing habits at home.

Fluorine Varnish Applications:
Dentists apply special varnishes containing fluoride to children's tooth surfaces. This can strengthen tooth enamel and prevent the formation of cavities.

Fissure Sealants:
These sealants, especially applied to the chewing surfaces of molars, help protect teeth against decay.

Children's Braces (Orthodontic Treatment):
It can be used to correct dental irregularities in children at the developmental stage.

Treatment of Tooth Decay in Children:
Tooth decay in children is treated with treatments such as fillings or tooth extractions.

Tooth Extraction and Treatment:
Extraction and treatment of missing or damaged teeth are performed when necessary.

Oral Protection Devices:
Especially in cases where brackets or other orthodontic devices are used, mouth guard devices such as night splints or retainers may be recommended.

Pedodontic Sedation or General Anesthesia:
Sedation or general anesthesia can be applied to children to ensure their relaxation during dental treatments.

What is the Importance of Pedodontic Treatment in Children?

Pedodontic treatment is important to protect children's dental health and treat caries.
Pedodontic treatment performed in the early period contributes to the formation of healthy dental habits in children.
Pedodontic treatment allows the detection and treatment of tooth decay in children at an early stage.
Treatment ensures the preservation of oral health in children and the improvement of their overall quality of life.
Pedodontic treatment contributes to the development of positive dental habits by increasing children's confidence in the dentist.

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