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Smile Design

Every Smile is a Healthy and Happy Beginning!
Smile design, often referred to as aesthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, is a concept that involves dental procedures aimed at improving the appearance of teeth and making the patient's smile more attractive.

What is Smile Design?

Dental aesthetics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of teeth and overall oral structure. Applications in this field aim to make patients' teeth look more aesthetically attractive, natural and regular. Dental aesthetics is a sub-branch of the field of dentistry and generally addresses aesthetic concerns rather than increasing functionality.

Why Smile Design?

Smiling is a positive social signal. Improvements in the appearance of teeth can help people make a more positive impression in social interactions. Individuals can create a warmer and friendlier atmosphere among the people they encounter with their smiles.

Dental problems, cavities, or irregular teeth can cause negative emotions in individuals, such as shame, anxiety, and stress. Improvements in dental aesthetics can increase an individual's psychological well-being by reducing these emotions.

Dental care is part of general personal care. Taking regular care of one's teeth creates the impression that the individual takes care of himself and cares about his health. This can increase a person's self-esteem in general.

For these reasons, having teeth with a healthy and aesthetic appearance can positively affect the psychological health of the individual. Dentists create personalized treatment plans, taking into account both the physical and psychological needs of their patients.

How to Make a Smile Design?

Smile design includes aesthetic corrections by dentists and planning regarding tooth color and form. The dentist evaluates the patient's facial structure and aesthetic preferences and creates a personalized smile design plan by examining factors such as tooth color, tooth alignment and shape. This design is performed in collaboration with the patient and may include methods such as teeth straightening, whitening or aesthetic fillings to achieve an aesthetic smile.

What are the Smile Design Criteria?

Tooth Color: It is important that the teeth are natural, aesthetic and have a color that suits the patient's skin tone.

Tooth Form and Alignment: It is taken into consideration that the teeth are in a harmonious form and that the tooth alignment is in aesthetic balance.

Gums: It is important in the design of a healthy, symmetrical and compatible gum line with the teeth.

Lip and Face Relationship: In smile design, the aim is to place the teeth harmoniously, taking into account the general proportions of the lips and face.

Intraoral Compatibility: A harmonious intraoral design is created by correcting situations such as gaps between teeth, crossed teeth or incompatibilities between teeth.

Aesthetic Principles: Golden ratio, symmetry and other aesthetic principles are the basic criteria taken into consideration in smile design.

Patient's Desires and Preferences: The patient's personal preferences and wishes are a determining factor in smile design. Patient satisfaction and expectations are prioritized.

The combination of these criteria in smile design aims to obtain a personalized aesthetic smile.

Don't forget! A healthy smile is the key to feeling good and spreading positive energy.

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